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I am often asked, from what material I create my masterpieces  and it's time to tell about this in more detail.

I work with air dry polymer clay of various brands, such as Modena, Hearty and Claycraft. They all become hard in the air, and do not require baking or burning, do not stain hands, are not toxic, they are very pleasant to work with, and the products are light and durable. I work in a variety of techniques, such as cold porcelain and deco, and  these clays have necessary characteristics .

I mix different brands of clay together, mix colored clays with white, add paint to the clay - I experiment with it in full, so it is important for me that the material withstands my pressure. It is also important for me that the color of the clay does not change when it dries, but unfortunately it does happen, but only with dark shades. Then I use paint, but I'll tell about it next time)))

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